Keeper Landwey Pvt. Ltd. has four brands under its roof

Leading Tour & Travel management company with the specialization of various kinds of tour packages developed by the group of professionals which make it unique and one of the most-sought organization. We get a high when we plan, create and deliver custom trips for individuals and small groups. We thrive on personalized service and care.

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LPB is a new endeavor to provide world-class experiences of Transport & Private Guide assistance. We are a small company with a spirited approach to the world travel. Our goal is to help you experience the world, safely, comfortably, and economically. We like variety in travel also we understand western sensibilities.

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A world-class experiences of Walking and Tasting Tours. It is a network of local guides passionate about the cities in which they live. They know better than anyone: the history, secrets, hooks and corners & most importantly the diverse traditions. It ventures for a memorable journey with the pinch of local essence made possible through knowing the local culture, meeting local people, eating like a local and traveling like a local (TUK-TUK ride).

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We look at the world from a single perspective and hardly pay attention to the diverse viewpoints hence, we set out to be an inspirational venture in inclusive tourist activities and reach as many visitors as possible. All this regardless of your age, your socio-cultural environment, or your special needs of accessibility and disability. We live in a world full of differences, but we strengthen our community by respecting these differences.

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As, India is fast becoming one of the sought after destinations for LGBT tourism. We offers a unique experience to provide all the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queers, an experience of a lifetime in a comfortable and cherishable environment.

Wanting to discover more about the world doesn't stop when you get older, it just mean you go about it in new ways. In fact, the elder you are, the more lively you feel. As a traveler in your late 70's, 80s and 90's you benefit from our expertise in senior traveling.

Being disabled does not mean Un-abled, just Specially-Abled. Traveling with a physical disability is a challenge but it is not impossible. Hence this new venture opens up all the restricted boundaries for the handicaps.

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